Hi - I'm Emmie. I'm currently in my second-ish year of school, studying computer science. I like electronics projects, iced coffee, mechanical keyboards, and cats (not in any strict order). I'm interested in systems programming, computer architecture, parallel programming, computer networks, operating systems, hardware, robotics, VLSI, and FPGAs. I also have casual interests in graph theory, religion, linguistics, logic, memetics, pure math, and orbital mechanics. I like the aims of the open source and free software movements. My favorite shows are Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, WataMote, and NGE.

I have a lot planned for this year; one of the first things I'm looking to do is to finally launch this site (if you're reading this, and you aren't me, then I've made it this far - yay me). Other projects include setting up a mail server, messing around with arduino stuff and logic gates, and a mechanical keyboard project. Hopefully school doesn't get in the way too much. I also have some small programming projects I'd like to make some progress on as well.

Listed below are the various pages I aim to set up for my site - grouped together by category.
Thanks for reading. This page is continually undergoing changes. Expect major changes as I figure out what to do with the layout and stuff.


I'm alive. Semester is all messed up because of COVID-19. Classes are online as of next week, campus locked down, et cetera.
Final exams up until next week. Going to be working on fixing up the site afterwards.
Just got back from SOSP '19, planning to write a blog thing about it. It was a pretty good time. Happy Halloween!
Updated some of the page listing box
Merged Computers / Hardware, Software, and Mechanical keyboards into one section, with subsections Computers, Software setups, Peripherals, and Other hardware
404 page added and working. Try it yourself :^)
Reordered the Pages box
Minor changes to the index page have been made
New index page layout has been set up
Decided on a more cohesive design; going with Emmie's Homepage as a page title instead of emmie channel
Removed gratuitous hiragana
Settled on a simplified color scheme; I still like turquoise but it was noisy and didn't mesh well with the rest of the colors
SSL certificate should be active by tomorrow, domain redirects to https now

To do:
- Restructure hardware/software page
- Add about me page