The End of Fall Term

November 08/2019

Technically the title isn't accurate - there's about 3 weeks of classes left and then exams after that of course. Even so, my first semester of my new major is coming to its close. It's my first time where all of my courses relate to my major, and it really feels like it was a new kind of semester, or similar to how first semester of first year went. A new beginning and all that.

So how has it been going, more specifically? Digital Design is an interesting course and a neat introduction to VHDL. I wish it was a bit more hands on but I can't complain too much - its pretty great so far. Proofs has been... odd. I actually enjoy the material which is nice. Data Structures started off not actually being about data structures but really about writing C, which has been great. Now we're shifting to trees and heaps and its okay. I'm stubborn and I'd rather be just using linked lists all the time but I guess there comes a point in your life where you need to implement an AVL. Physics has been weird in terms of the classes and I wouldn't say it bores me but I have a lot of catching up to do for it. The labs have been great and I finally had a reason to write something in LaTeX.

I'm looking forward to next semester as the selection of courses is also pretty neat. I need that sort of motivation as I head into the part of the term where we have to race to finish everything, next week holds three labs, three midterms, a lab report, three assignments, a pretty sizeable project... I chose this title because I imagined some sort of hectic, crazy EoE ending to the semester where a ton of stuff happens all at once but I'm not sure it fits all that well. I figure it still fits as a title. Maybe it works for this posts because it feels so stream of consciousness and its not clear where I'm going with it. Good luck to me and thank you for reading.

By Emmie