About me

Who am I?

I'm not really one for labelling or listing out a bunch of adjectives that describe me. I think everyone has a different understanding of who people are and I'd rather write out a summary of who I am and let you make up your mind, instead of laying out a bunch of words that might not have the same meaning or connotations to everyone.


I'm going into my second year of university, studying computer science. I also want to minor in both mathematics and physics. I've been in school for a bit and decided to change my program about halfway through my first year (this took a long time). I'm happy to be back to studying the sciences and in some ways I feel like a kid again; labs are cool, circuits are cool. I can't remember when exactly I lost focus and decided not to pursue science but it was probably some point in late primary school. It's good to be back though!

How did I get here?

I used to do a lot of programming courses when I was younger, in the summer and also afterschool. I worked with Visual Basic, C#, and Java, if I recall correctly. I made some brief attempts to learn C++ when I was younger but I had a weak attention span (it might have been for the better). I continued programming in the 9th grade with Scratch, which was an interesting step down. I made a game in Scratch which this year I realized was eerily similar to certain bootleg SNES title (entirely by coincidence). 10th grade saw my introduction to Processing and 11th grade gave me Arduino. I was generally interesting in programming but never considered myself very good at it. I have forgotten more Java, C#, and VB than I can even think of. Thankfully, after a somewhat aimless 12th grade and equally aimless first semester in university, I realized I wanted to pursue computer science.

Where to?

I often found that when I was in my B.A. program, I was searching for things to take my mind off of school. I had some minor interest in some of my courses but nothing was challenging or very interesting. Now that I'm where I feel I belong, I'm searching for ways to make my school subjects fit the things I'm interested in. I've realized I might not enjoy everything in all my classes, but most of the material is interesting and gives me ideas for projects I want to pursue in the meantime. It isn't always fun and it can be rough sometimes but it no longer feels like a waste. I am happy to be where I am : )

I'm not sure where I'm heading, specifically. This is a pretty wide field and it has links to a lot of other fields I'm interested in as well. It's easier to say what I don't want to pursue than anything else (I don't care for machine/deep learning, or web development). System programming is really interesting, so is digital design. At some point I'd like to get involved with research into optics.


The section above got into personal stuff so there's bound to be some overlap between these two sections. I'm finding it hard to describe myself outside of academics (lol), but I'll try my best.

Stuff I like

I can now say with confidence that I enjoy programming (usually). It's interesting how getting a break from all these data structures courses can really brighten things up. I think golang is working well for me. (I'll point out that I don't dislike data structures, just that all the courses on them can drain the fun from programming).

I like animals, I've had cats as pets my whole life. I really miss the old internet (that I grew up on, back in the 2000's). Web surfing was a cool thing, I don't think you see it quite as much because of how consolidated things have gotten, which is a shame. I like coffee and I probably drink too much of it. I'm not too big on irony (or doing things ironically, as people seem to be saying now). Do what you actually like!

Dumb stuff about me

Times New Roman is my favorite typeface, followed by IBM Plex.
I like cats.
I like to read and I wish I had more time to do it.
I am a believer in the serial comma.