Software I use

Personal software

I'm new to using Linux/UNIX type software (I've used Windows for most of my life except for one brief stint with Ubuntu). I dual boot Arch Linux and Windows 10 on my ThinkPad. Ideally I wouldn't use Windows 10 but school often requires Windows exclusive software (like Eclipse).

That being said, I am getting used to tiling window managers and the terminal interface. I used LARBS to set up my Arch environment after the install, and after some early difficulty I'm enjoying it.

I generally use software that is convenient. I am leaning more towards the UNIX/suckless philosophy nowadays and am also reorienting towards primarily free software.

Operating systems / Distros

I dual boot Arch and Windows 10 on my ThinkPad. I use Windows 10 out of necessity (school reasons). I also use Debian server.


st by It was installed with LARBS (with a preset config) and I like it. I've forked the LARBS build and changed the colors and font and that's pretty but it.


bash. I've also been trying out the fish shell as of late.



Text editor

I use Visual Studio Code for programming and working in LaTeX. I also occasionally use it to get an idea of what my html/css will look like, although I manage the site with the nano editor. Visual Studio Code is released under the MIT License and telemetry can be disabled, so I don't mind using it (upstream is proprietary, however). I'm putting off learning vim because I'm a lazy zoomer.


catclock! Its cute and neat to just have it sitting on my screen. A bit finnicky on my system but that's mainly because of the way I have it set up (calling it from my clock/date block in i3blocks). I first heard about it on the 9front software page and wanted it on my system as well. Github repository is here: catclock

Computers / Hardware I use

Personal computing

I used a ThinkPad T450s as my personal computer. Some people don't like the newer ThinkPad models (one big reason is the keyboard layout), and I understand why. I still like the T450s and I prefer it to any other computer I've used for programming or anything else really. I use it at home with the dock which is generally great too.


I use a Microsoft IntelliMouse. It's pretty good. I don't use it as much since my Arch setup is keyboard heavy and de-emphasizes the mouse. For my keyboard I use a Filco Majestouch-2 (with the numpad - numpads are good), and blue switches specifically chosen to irritate my roommates as much as possible. I also have a POK3R 60% keyboard but I'm not really used to using a keyboard with no arrow keys (I might switch to it to force myself to learn vim).

Consumer keyboards

Filco Majestouch-2

The keyboard I use most often at home is a Filco Majestouch-2 with Cherry MX Blues, which are loud and better for it. I use a fullsize keyboard because the numpad is important.
Filco Keyboard
I currently have English/Hiragana keycaps on it which look nice.


I also have a POK3R 60% keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, which I rarely use because I'm not big on the chorded (?) design. I might use it when I decide to learn vim, since it lacks arrow keys, but until then it mostly sits around.
POK3R Keyboard
I have Miami caps on it which look pretty though.

Custom build keyboards

BOX Pink keyboard build

Currently I'm working on a tenkeyless/JIS layout keyboard build with NovelKeys BOX Pink switches. I purchased the GMK Bentō keycap set for the project and hopefully I can get started on it soon.